"The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself." - Deepak Chopra (1946-present)

What use is it to know our minds?  Research indicates that bad experiences crystallise our memories more than good ones do. It is also known that our memories serve as a template for our expectation of people, the world, and the future. This impacts our self-worth, our mood, our behaviour, our physical health, and our ability to be at peace.

Knowledge of the mind allows us to identify what 'default settings' need to be changed and how we can make it happen.

How can we know our minds?  Psychotherapeutic counselling is the opportunity to explore the issues that each of us may face in our lives, with a skilled professional, and in a safe environment.

Issues can range from anxiety and panic disorders, depressive disorders, trauma, complex post-traumatic stress disorders, loss & bereavement, addictions (including gambling), eating disorders, abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, relationship difficulties, family separation and divorce.

We can be enabled to find new or different ways of dealing with challenges that would otherwise have a predictably bad outcome.

It is a creative act that we must be in charge of, unless we want someone else to define who we can and cannot be.

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