"Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace" - Amelia Earhart (1897-1937)

Our brains have evolved to include a feedback system of self-assessment. Housed mostly in the prefrontal cortex, it informs us of our morality and beliefs of how we 'should' be in any situation. It also informs us of how others around us are faring, and the judgements we will make about them and ourselves. Much like with empathy, this feedback system is created through relationship.

The inner critic is the collection of judgements about the self and others that naturally govern our conclusions about if we are 'OK' or 'not OK', and the inner child is naturally beholden to the emotional consequences of the inner critic.

We live in a narcissistic culture in which our image trumps our wellbeing. (By 'image' I mean outward appearance of: physique, possessions, relationships, success, morality, even our sociability and behaviour.) Having a small, healthy inner critic is becoming less possible. Having a highly critical inner narrative of exactly why we aren't one of life's 'winners', and what we 'should' do to become one, is now all too easy.

Having a toxic inner critic is the biggest barrier to inner peace. We become a radio that only tunes in to a single transmission frequency that is all negative, and the only way to quieten it is through distraction or self-medication.

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